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Amenities Running Status

Current Amenity Updates:

Town Hall (OPEN)

Town Hall is currently open with limited services available at the front desk lobby. 

Lakeside Park (OPEN)

Lakeside Park Tennis Courts (OPEN)

Lakeside Park Basketball Court (OPEN)

Dog Park (OPEN)


East Village Pool – OPEN

North Village Pool – OPEN

Lakeside Park Pool – OPEN

Spring Park Pool – OPEN

Spring Lake Pool – CLOSED for renovations.

Playgrounds & Parks

East Village Playground Open, Field Open

Longmeadow Park Open

North Village Playground Open, Field Open

North Village Playgrounds Open, Field Open

North Village Sand Volleyball Courts Open

North Village Pavilion Open

Spring Lake Playground Open

Spring Park Playground Open, Field Open

All other parks other than those listed below are open.

Parks (CLOSED)

Memorial Park

Oak Pond Park

Roeling Park

Water Tower Park