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CNOA Covenants Committee Hearing – Cancelled

This meeting has been cancelled and will be rescheduled. 


CNOA Covenants Committee Hearing
851 Celebration Avenue, Room 104
Thursday November 7, 2019 5:00 PM


I. Verify Quorum
II. Call to Order
III. Adopt Agenda
IV. Homeowner Comments
V. New Business – Properties for Review

1. 1480 Celebration Boulevard (7/1/19, 10/24/19) – Article XI, Architectural Standards,
11.6 Enforcement: Any work performed in violation of this article or in a manner
inconsistent with the approved plans shall be deemed to be nonconforming.
There are U-Haul and other commercial trucks being parked in areas visible to Celebration
Boulevard, i.e. the side of the building. However, the plans were approved with the longer
striping directly behind the building for commercial truck parking. Trucks may not be
parked in any other location but directly behind the building and must be moved to that
location at this time and remain parked there going forward. Restriping needs to occur to
designate these areas correctly as well as the fire lane in front of the property. Attached is
the letter from The Celebration Company dated March 1, 2019 describing in more detail the
list of noncompliance items, that was sent to Richard Dowling and followed up with via
email several times.
In addition, all cones, construction or otherwise, do not meet Celebration aesthetic standards
and need to be stored inside the facility promptly and going forward.

2. 1022 Maiden Terrace (7/1/19, 10/24/19) – Unapproved Changes: Article XI Architectural
Standards 11.1 General: No structure shall be placed, erected or installed upon any portion
of the properties and no improvements shall take place within the properties except in
compliance with this Article.

The request to keep the stanchions at Chick-fil-A as submitted was not approved. Per the
letter dated March 14, 2019, they were to be removed within 30 days.

VI. Adjournment