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Reminder Regarding Businesses Operating out of Residential Properties

The founders of Celebration designed Celebration to have a strong sense of community.  To maintain that sense of community the founders created a set of governing documents that bind the owners to certain principals that ensure that the growth and evolution of the community continues with the same strong sense of community.  The Celebration Charter is the document that binds the community together and gives it structure to provide guidance to all that live in Celebration.

Recently, leases to businesses operating out of residential properties for the purpose of providing group shelter have been brought to the attention of CROA.  As a reminder to all, section 7.1 of the Celebration Charter and Exhibit “C” Rules state:

  • No unit or portion thereof, shall be used for operation of a boarding house, ‘bed and breakfast’ establishment or similar accommodation for transient tenants.
  • No single rooms or other fraction or potion of a unit constituting less than the entire dwelling or garage apartment may be leased separate from the main dwelling.
  • Occupancy of a Unit by more than two person per bedroom in the unit for purposes of this provision, occupancy shall be defined as staying in the unit more than 30 days in a 6 month period
  • Cannot lease the residence for less than one year, garage apartments for less than 3 months with no more than two separate tenants in a 12 month period.
  • Units may be used only for residential and related purposes.  A business activity shall be considered related to a residential use, thus permitted under this section only if conducted by a person or persons residing in the unit only if the business activity is discreet.
    • Discreet is defined by the following:
      • Not apparent or detectable by sign, sound or smell from the outside
      • Complies with applicable zoning requirements
      • Does not involve commercial vehicle parking outside the unit
      • Does not involve regular visitation of the unit by employees who do not resident in the unit, clients, customers, suppliers or other business invitees or door-to-door solicitation within the community
      • Does not violate the rules and does not constitute a nuisance or a hazardous or offensive use, or threaten the security or safety of others, as the board determines in it’s discretion.

The Celebration Charter, that includes Exhibit C ‘Rules’ can be found on our website at under CROA.

If any resident believes these Charter provisions are being violated, please contact Town Hall with information so that we may fairly and evenly enforce the rules.