A Community Celebration of Thanksgiving - Celebration, Florida

These past few months I have not left my house except to walk the neighborhood, but, thanks to technology, I have been able to visit online with my family and friends. I give thanks every week for the Lifelong Learning programs and other virtual classes that have allowed me to explore new interests, and most especially for the compassionate volunteers of “Thriving in Place." Every weekend, gratitude has filled my home as our faith community at Celebration Anglican Church gathered through “Zoom." Today, my house is a personal sanctuary where I give thanks every day for my family, my friends and the laughter of those I hear enjoying the park.

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln invited the people of our nation to pause and give the Lord thanks for all the good that year had brought them. Thanksgiving was especially important in the midst of conflict and loss.  This year, our nation is in another time of sadness and confusion. Even during the Civil War our ancestors were able to physically connect with each other.  Like our ancestors, we too will be able to continue the important practice of gathering to offer thanks to the Lord no matter the obstacles.

As in past years, the congregations of faith in Celebration invite everyone to a combined community Thanksgiving Service on Tuesday November 24, 7 p.m.  In keeping with all things 2020, details are still being worked out.  Look for information on the final arrangements in the Friday Flash notices.

We fondly remember previous Thanksgiving services.  Each one was unique in being held in a different church setting and in mirroring the style of that congregation.  The program is organized and led by all the faith leaders in town, each one giving his or her blessing to the town.  The music may reflect a particular choir or combine talents from across the spectrum.  Saturdays and Sundays we may go our different ways, but all of us, families especially, enjoy this chance to come together in an uplifting service with neighbors.

The service is organized by the local pastors group which meets regularly to address the changing needs of the community, whether those be of an emergency nature, of mutual interest like youth groups or to rejoice in our freedom of religion and to pray blessings over our nation.

Please join us as we offer special thanks for the people who have given so selflessly of their gifts this year: the medical community, essential workers, volunteers, and teachers.  We remember in prayer those who cannot be with us and for all life in our beautiful and compassionate community!


With observations from Beth Ramos