Take a stroll through Artisan Park and see how well you know our town! Last month, we featured a Scavenger Hunt for East Village and Aquila Reserve. Celebration Town Hall and Celebration Foundation have teamed up once again to create a scavenger hunt for Artisan Park. This is a great opportunity to spend time outdoors, strolling our sidewalks or driving around to find these town landmarks.

1. Concerts and weddings happen here; Rain gives brides something to fear.
In the winter you may need a heater, if your event is at the ______________.

How many lights line the path? ________________

2. This game is not played in a hall; find a court to play ____________ ______.
How many benches are here? ____________
3. On Mosaic Drive you will find a miniature one of these;
It is a ______________ ___________ that needs no keys.

How many are there and what colors are they? ______________________

4. The color of St Patrick’s Day is ___________.
Go to this street and find a park that is keen.

What shape do you find at its center? ¬¬¬¬¬¬__________________

5. Our namesake park has an entrance from the south;
There are lots of ____________ that line its mouth.

How many are there? _______________

6. The __________ __________ ___________ is special for sure,
With a restaurant, hot tub, exercise room and more.

How many pillars are on the front porch? ____________

7. It is fun driving in a circle, there are no doubts;
Find Artisan Parks’ ______________________.

How many are there and on what streets are they located?

8. On the walkway next to the lake do not turn on a dime;
A sign says, “__________________ may be slippery at any time.”

What is the picture on this sign? ____________________

9. You are doing great and setting the tone,
Find an avenue of townhomes named ____________________.

How many townhomes are on this avenue? __________

10. A gazing ball is an artistic feat; they number _____ on an aptly named street.
What is the street’s name? ______________
11. Glad you do not have to climb a tree or a mountain;
Find a giant ___________ in a fountain.

From what type of tree is this? ___________

Congratulations, you did it! The challenge is complete! Don’t forget to upload your selfies and tag the Celebration Foundation and Celebration Town hall and use #cfcthscavengerhunt. Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram,, @celebrationtownhall, @celebrationth (Instagram and Twitter). Be on the lookout next month for our final scavenger hunt: Spring Lake.

1. Amphitheater/10
2. Bocce Ball/2
3. Bird House/(4) Green, Purple, Orange, and Yellow
4. Green/Circle
5. Planters/17
6. Artisan Park Clubhouse/10
7. Roundabouts/(3) End of Celebration Avenue and Stonecutter Drive; End of Hubbard Ct; End of Tapestry Lane
8. Boardwalks/A person walking a dog
9. Flagstone/17
10. Four/Mosaic Drive
11. Leaf/Oak