Birds of Celebration – Carolina Wrens - Celebration, Florida

While still late winter “up North,” it is spring in Celebration!  It is time for many of our resident songbirds to nest.  With longer and warmer days, the conditions are ideal.

One bird, which is heard as often as seen, is the Carolina Wren. It sings a variety of songs but its favorite seems to be “chirpity.”  Other renditions include “tea-kettle” or “jumpity.” All songs are repeated several times for a few minutes.

For the less imaginative, there are several Birding apps you can play on your cellphone with actual recordings of the bird’s various songs. Check National Audubon Society’s website for some ideas.

The Carolina Wren is amazingly loud for such a small bird, as it sings all day. As it is just 5.5 inches long, a pair of binoculars is usually needed to observe the bird close-up.

The wrens nest 2-8 feet above the ground in the cavities of dead trees and stumps. This is conveniently at eye-level for the bird enthusiast. They will often collect food off the ground or from nearby brush piles, consuming mostly insects and spiders.

The male builds several nests from which the female will choose. The male leads intruders away from the “active” nest.  He does this by flapping his wings to draw attention and then scolding loudly while flying away from the area.

While preferring cavities in trees, Carolina Wrens are also known to nest in unusual places such as a hanging planter, or the eaves of an infrequently used back deck.

Best places to look and listen for the birds include shrubs and tangles along Celebration’s many walking trails, back yards with a woods view and the Celebration golf course.

Happy Spring!


By Chet Blazak

This article appears in the March 2020 Celebration News