Celebrating Women! - Celebration, Florida

This month, Celebration Lifelong embarks on a new series of courses. We are particularly excited to have four courses that feature women! This is quite fitting, as we look forward to celebrating Women’s Month next month. As March typically celebrates the history of women’s impact in the world and important women in history, Celebration Lifelong does much of the same with each of these courses. At least one course focusing on women is offered during each of Celebration Lifelong’s three sessions.

➢ The course Women in The Wine World highlights the growing role of female winemakers. Whether or not you participate in the tasting part of the course, you’ll learn more about several key female wine professionals – and about the wines, of course!
➢ Women in the Arts: Mary Cassatt focuses on an American Impressionist painter who was classically trained yet created her own style. This course will delve into Cassatt’s artistic achievements, her fascinating life story, and her artistic joy.
➢ Another new course is An Elite Sorority: America’s Iconic First Ladies. This course goes behind the scenes to study some of this country’s iconic First Ladies. Whether it was their influence, their early lives, their contributions or their legacies, this course will reveal the challenges they faced and their accomplishments.
➢ Highlighting a talented and widely published writer from Canada is Short Stories of Mavis Gallant. Diving into 2-3 short stories each week, this course promises to engage participants with Gallant’s worldview masterfully provided with precision and beauty.

Registration for Celebration Lifelong’s Spring 2021 Term is currently open. The term spans three months with courses starting on February 9. Of the 32 courses offered, 20 are brand new to the curriculum. All programs will be presented virtually using Zoom. Check out the Spring 2021 Catalog at www.CelebrationLifelong.org. A modest membership fee and separate fee for each course you select helps sustain these offerings, most of which are brought to our community by Celebration residents.

For more information about Celebration Lifelong, visit our webpage at www.CelebrationLifelong.org, email us at Lifelong@celebrationfoundation.org or call 407-595-5905. Celebration Lifelong, a community partnership between the Celebration Foundation and the Celebration Residential Owners Association (CROA), welcomes your participation this spring!