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Celebration's Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page.  We've made some changes to our website, so we made a place where folks can come to get answers to some of the top questions we've received.

How do get my User ID or Password if I forgot it?

Your existing username and password will continue to work on the redesigned website. If you've forgotten what your login credential are, click the “Lost your password?" link located below the login screen.

If you are a resident, and would like access to the resident portal/forums, contact our office to get assistance at 407-566-1200 or at townhall@ciramail.com.

Where can I find documents like the Community Charter, ARC Schedule, or Design Guidelines?

Use whichever is most convenient for you:
• Celebration website under Community Governance > Governing Documents
• Town Hall (851 Celebration Avenue)
• Email – request information from the Architectural Review Coordinator: ARC@celebrationtownhall.com

Where can I find information about Celebration events, news and homeowner notices?

The Events and Meetings calendars are both located on the main menu and submenu of Community Governance. Notices are easily located on the home page and all other news and important information are found under the Communications tab.

Don't forget to sign up for the Friday Flash and visit our social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Where can I find forms for resident ID cards and vehicle decals?

Forms can be found under the Home > Town Hall. After completing the forms, you may submit them at Town Hall during normal business hours and receive your passes.

What recreational programs or classes are offered in Celebration?

Dance, gymnastics, tennis, ballroom dancing, cardio dancing, flag football, Little League Baseball, soccer, swimming, Bridge, Maj Jong and many more.
To learn about our extensive list of recreational activities click the Recreation & Facilities tab on the main menu. You can also call our Parks & Recreation Department at 407-566-1200 or feel free to stop by Town Hall.

How can I can register for an event or book a facility?

The Celebration Parks and Recreation Department now has online registration that is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. You can use this system to register yourself and family members for upcoming events and programs or to reserve facilities. Click here to be taken to the Registration Portal.

What types of projects require prior approval from the ARC?

Any change on the exterior of the property requires approval. For example, painting the home, changing landscaping, replacing the mailbox, altering house numbers, any change to fencing (including adding or removing). It is better to obtain written approval – even for very minor projects – than find later the changes were not approved and have become a violation of the Covenants. ARC applications can be found by clicking HERE. Completed applications may be dropped off in person at Town Hall (851 Celebration Avenue) or sent via email to townhall@ciramail.com.

Where do I get a condo parking sticker or report that something is wrong with my condo?

Your condo management company. Visit Condos under the Community Governance tab on the main menu.

I have a maintenance question, but am unsure who to contact?

You can always submit your request through the CeleService app. Once the request is submitted it will be directed to the appropriate department and you will receive status updates regarding the request until the issue is resolved. More information on CeleService is located under the Communications tab.

Where can I make my HOA payments?

Log in to www.GrandManors.com, click on Resident Portal and choose “Make a payment" or call 1-855-947-2636 to pay over the phone. 

What are the hours for the parks and pools?

Lakeside, North Village, Spring Park and East Village Pools
May 1–Labor Day; 7 a.m.–10 p.m.
Labor Day–April 30; 7 a.m.–8 p.m.

The pool at Spring Lake will open one half-hour after sunrise and close one half-hour prior to sunset.

All other park areas close at dusk. All hours are subject to change without notice and a valid CROA ID card is required for access.

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