Celebration Clean Stream Initiative - Celebration, Florida

Hello Celebration Residents,

Recycling mixed with contamination (trash) is an ongoing problem in our community. This problem was exacerbated in 2018 when China stopped accepting 35% of all the single stream recycling the U.S. collected and processed.  Due to this, the cost of collecting and transporting this material has increased by 700% since 2018 and will continue to increase if we do not seriously address it now.

By implementing our initiative, we have an opportunity to turn it around with some real changes not only by personal awareness and education but economically as well. It will take our recycling community to be on board 100% to make this happen by removing the contaminates from the stream.

We are asking that you please recycle responsibly and only recycle the items we accept. By doing so, you will assure the success of this initiative and get control of this out of hand expense that continue to rise with no end in sight.

How are we going to accomplish this? Just do not contaminate the recycling stream, it is that easy.

Our new initiative will be graded by Recycle America on the “Average Material Value” Our loads of recycling material will be audited when we deliver it and graded on the contamination % mixed in with good material. The cleaner the material we collect the better value it has. There is only a hand full of communities across central Florida that are participating in this program, and we are the newest ones.

As we get better and better at keeping the contamination out of the stream it will in turn lower our tipping fee. Once this happens, we can lower your monthly rate accordingly. This can only be successful with your commitment to clean it up. It starts with you.

Please, “Don’t be a Wish-Cycler, be a Re-Cycler”.

Remember, only these items are collected for recycling.

  1. Plastics: #1,2,4,5 water bottles and containers (discard all caps)
  2. Glass: bottles and jars (discard all caps and lids)
  3. Loose and sorted paper: sheet paper and sorted mailers.
  4. Aluminum cans: Soda cans and such.
  5. Bi metal cans: Soup, vegetable cans and such.
  6. Clean cardboard: Dry Boxes, broken down.


Ken Lee

Celebration Sanitation Services.


The above article appears in the August 2020 edition of the Celebration News