Proposed Charter and Bylaws Amendments - Celebration, Florida

The voting period for the Celebration Residential Owners Association (CROA) Charter and Bylaws proposed amendments, which will run concurrent with the CROA Board of Directors election, will run from February 3 through March 3, 2020.

During six months of meetings, the Charter Review Task Force considered a total of 98 issues from homeowners, the Board of Directors, CROA legal representation and Town Hall staff, and conducted a review of Florida Statutes. In December, one additional amendment was proposed by the CROA legal representative to ensure matching language between two paragraphs in the Charter, which was accepted by the Task Force. After much discussion and legal review, the Task Force recommended:

  • 8 proposed amendments to be compliant with Florida Law,
  • 20 proposed amendments initiated by homeowners, and
  • 25 proposed amendments for CROA efficiency.


These 53 proposed amendments bring Celebration’s governing documents into compliance with Florida law, reflect homeowner initiatives, and bring about the efficiencies of best practices. The approval of all amendments is in the best interest of Celebration.

Accordingly, the CROA Board of Directors has determined that ONE ballot vote for the entire slate of amendments will best ensure the synergy of all amendments, rather than individual voting. In compliance with Florida Statutes, the full text of the proposed amendments was mailed to Celebration owners in January and can also be found online at the Celebration website: Select the Community Governance tab, then select Proposed Charter and Bylaws Amendments in the pull-down menu.

A Town Hall meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 6, 6 p.m. at Town Hall to familiarize homeowners with the proposed amendments and answer questions. Watch for details in upcoming Friday Flash emails.


Charter with Proposed Amendments 


By Laws and Proposed Amendments 


Celebration Charter and By-Laws Community Letter