Management Company Transition FAQ - Celebration, Florida


Regarding the management company transition


Q: What will remain unchanged?

A:  Town Hall phone number remains the same. The afterhours number remains the same. If you call Town Hall afterhours, GrandManors answering service will answer and dispatch any emergency calls to the proper team member

A:  Town Hall operating hours remain the same

A:  The Website- The website address and documents remain the same however new contact info will be added for GrandManors and payment information

A:  Your login credentials to the website will remain the same

A:  Friday Flash email will continue to go out every Friday

A:  RecPro login credentials remain the same

A: Celebration ID card is still active and does not need to be changed or updated because of the transition


Q: Will I incur late fees because of the transition?

A: No, there is a grace period during the transition for payments to be made and/or forwarded from CCMC to Grand Manors.

Q: Will CCMC send my check to GrandManors if they receive it after November 1?

A: Yes, CCMC will forward any homeowner payments, vendor invoices, etc. they receive after Nov 1 to Grand Manors

Q: How do I contact Townhall or the staff at Townhall via email?


Q: How do I submit an ARC application or ask questions regarding this process via email?


Q: What email address can I use to ask about a compliance letter I received?



Q: How do I request closing information/an estoppel if I am a realtor or title company?

A: Please call (855) 947-2636 and you will be given instructions and directed to our new online closing portal where you can request the specific information you need for any sale or refi within the community.

Q: I am a vendor for Celebration, how do I submit an invoice?

A: You should have received a vendor welcome packet from GrandManors. If you did not, please call (855) 947-2636 and ask to be directed to the vendor portal to submit any invoices, register as a vendor and upload and current W9 and insurance information.

Q: How do I obtain a statement or my login credentials if I didn’t receive my welcome letter?

A: Please reach out to us at (407) 566-1200 and we can assist you with both

Q: Who do I contact for questions regarding the 2022 budget and the letter I just received?

A: Please email TOWNHALL@CIRAMAIL.COM for any 2022 budget questions