2018 CROA Strategic Planning Goals - Celebration, Florida

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Review and Update Parks and Facilities Master Plan

Jack McLaughlin and Brian Kensil

With the athletic/recreation fields approved by the CROA Board in February, 2018,construction should commence, after permitting,in early summer; completion is anticipated for early 2019. The CROA Board is examining the feasibility of an accompanying building with restrooms, storage, meeting rooms and concession space. The Board is also examining options regarding a Community Center; this includes working with the County on an inter-local agreement to govern use and prioritization of access should County funds be accepted. The financial implications of all decisions are examined regarding funding and timing to maintain financial health for CROA

Engage in Planned and Futuristic Growth of Celebration

Kevin Kirby and David Anderson

As Celebration grows and ages, the CROA Board will continue its engagement with current and future partners involved with the community. These include commercial growth (Celebration Boulevard) and residential expansion (Island Village), as well as working with those who manage the downtown area. Attention will be provided to green technologies and parking solutions.

Identify and Implement a Range of Communication Strategies to Engage Residents

Debie McDonald and David Anderson

With communication seen as central to a vibrant community, this goal area emphasizes opportunities for face-to-face and virtual interaction with the CROA Board and management staff. Attention will be provided to updated technological services and resources, including a revamped website and affiliated communication enhancements. The regular resident surveys and other events (e.g., meet and greets and town hall meetings) will provide opportunities for resident input and aid responsive and proactive leadership for the community

Build Mutually Beneficial Partnerships with Community and County Groups

Vaughn Roberts and Kevin Kirby

The CROA Board will continue to collaborate and cooperate with local leadership groups in governmental and non-governmental settings. Some initiatives will involve formal or informal partnerships, and others will focus on communication and collaboration. Some initiatives under review include equipment to clean sidewalks and curbs throughout Celebration and regulation of the placement of trash dumpsters and other types of storage units on county- and CCDD-controlled streets. Discussions with condominium associations, county leaders, and county schools and others are planned

Identify and Promote Services to Maintain Quality of Life for Residents

Vaughn Roberts and Jack McLaughlin

Addressing traffic, parking, safety, and cleanliness are important shared responsibilities with the CCDD, County, and other leadership groups. County traffic engineers are engaged with traffic flow and pedestrian/bicycle/automobile safety in the downtown area as well as other locations. This goal area reviews these issues with specific attention provided to large-scale events held downtown and throughout the community. Other ways of addressing resident safety, through review of cameras, enforcement, traffic calming, and public awareness, will be incorporated within this goal area

Review, Update and Implement Quality Administrative Services

Jackson Mumey and Brian Kensil

The CROA Board will focus on the range of managerial and oversight processes to ensure timely and appropriate completion and follow through. Attention to prioritization continual review will occur, with a goal of maximizing positive results for the community. This includes reviews of policies and procedures, monitoring of agreements for contracted services, best practices, data security, ethical standards, and appropriate resource allocation. Specific priorities will be set for CCMC with regular community updates on progress.