Celebration Irish dance meets pet sitting during quarantine! - Celebration, Florida

If you start to see dogs and cats performing the Irish Jig at Lakeside Park, you’re about to find out why.

The past four months have been challenging for all the parks and recreation programs in Celebration, and have been especially hard on the students who haven’t been able to go to school or participate in their after-school activities or sports. Amid the pandemic world we currently live in, Central Florida Irish Dance decided to take their classes virtual via Zoom for all their students in Celebration.

It’s been a learning experience for all, but the families and students have been so dedicated and some took up to five online classes per week. Parents turned their living rooms into dance studios and the students worked hard each week to learn new steps and keep up their level of Irish Dance.

To cap off the virtual class schedule and celebrate all the kids’ hard work, an online recital was held on May 31 with over 75 students performing in their homes for their friends and family and were presented with a medal delivered direct to their door by Miss Sarah. The virtual lessons were such a success that Miss Sarah has continued holding them and has even conducted some private socially distanced lessons on doorsteps!

Miss Sarah (Director of Central Florida Irish Dance) has also been busy during quarantine with a different adventure — working with her partner Scott on their newly acquired business in Celebration, Paw Academy Pet Care.

Paw Academy Pet Care is Celebration’s original dog walking and in-home pet sitting service — started in Celebration over 12 years ago by Melissa and August Carnahan, who were residents at the time. Over the next seven years, they would build a trustworthy family run pet business and were well known in the community. In 2014, Melissa and August moved north to be closer to family and Celebration Residents Darlene and Steve took over and continued the trusted quality care that Celebration’s fur families were used to. Darlene and Steve built up lasting friendships with clients and their fur babies over the past six years.

Earlier this year, Darlene and Steve decided that it was time to retire to the beach and pass the business on to Sarah and Scott. Sarah, having been a resident and Celebration business owner since 2013, was aware of the quality service and care that Paw Academy brought to the community. Sarah and Scott excitedly embraced the opportunity to take over the business. The duo make a wonderful team and are thrilled to continue offering the highest quality pet services that Celebration has to offer. In the meantime, Sarah looks forward to getting back to in-person classes at Town Hall and Jones Room when it’s safe to do so. However, for now, caring for Celebration’s fur families is keeping her very busy and you might see a four-legged Jig one day soon!

Irish Dance Classes are every Monday and Thursday – scheduled to resume in the fall. Contact Miss Sarah at info@centralfloridairishdance.com for information. Check out Paw Academy Pet Care’s new Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pawacademy, or contact Scott & Sarah directly at 407-739-3889 for more information!

This story appears in the September 2020 edition of the Celebration News