July 13, 2020

Summer pet safety

Along with summer comes special concerns for our furry family members. The main areas of concern are heat, bugs and water safety. Heat is of particular concern here in Florida, for both animals and humans. Cats, originally desert animals, are seemingly more able to adapt to heat, generally disappearing after finding a cool corner. Dogs,

July 10, 2020


December 27, 2013 was the first time I had ever driven into the town of Celebration.  The minute I laid eyes on this community I fell in love.  When I was offered the position in May of 2014 I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.  Of course I said yes, accepted the position

July 7, 2020

Independence Day is identified with freedom

The Celebration Foundation’s Thriving In Place Program Mission Statement: To empower those who are aging or managing a disability to live in their own homes leading healthy, safe, independent, and productive lives. Our members shared their story about Thriving that we would like to share with you. “We joined for mother, renewed for ourselves.  In

June 26, 2020

Postcards from Mickey

Postcards from Mickey, an initiative that sends postcards autographed by Disney characters to children battling life-threatening and chronic illnesses, recently shared some magic with the nurses treating COVID-19 patients at AdventHealth in Celebration. While scrolling through Facebook, Postcards from Mickey founder and Celebration resident Jennifer DiDomenico noticed a post from a childhood friend Niki Patten,

June 23, 2020


Social distancing comes natural to wood workers.  We’ve been doing it for decades in our workshops alone, having the time of our lives creating and making the projects we do for ourselves and others.  So, if you are looking for an enjoyable way to do social distancing then you should consider taking up wood working.

Summertime Crime Prevention

School vacation was officially supposed to begin on May 29 when school let out for the year.  Kids haven’t been to in school since March 12. Traffic has been lighter than usual, tourists have been gone and businesses have been closed, as the country works to fully re-open and bring things back to as normal

June 12, 2020

Sun safety in the summer sun

Whether you are a year round resident of the sunshine state or occasional visitor, taking steps to protect yourself from the sun’s rays should always be on your to do list. However, as you know, the summer months place a greater emphasis on protecting you and your family, as the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can

June 9, 2020

Dog Park Committee – Artist of the month!

Nancy McDonald is a graduate of Brigham Young University with degrees in both Journalism and Illustration. She worked over 20 years in the creative department of advertising agencies and eventually retired after years as an ad designer for The Wall Street Journal. Nancy also creates pet-themed illustrations in her personal art studio, as well as