Celebration Unleashed – Holiday News and Safety Warnings

Mask wearing at the dog park, or any place outdoors is HIGHLY recommended for the safety of yourself and people around you. Think of it as being magnanimous towards your dog park friends. Many of us would not survive an episode of COVID-19, even though you believe you would just have to isolate for a few weeks and all would be as it was before.  However, how many of your friends would not return to the dog park, because they are in the hospital struggling to survive. Make yourself less of a target and cover up your nose and mouth. Thank you.

Mistletoe and Poinsettias

This is just a reminder about the holiday season and all the temptations to our cats and dogs.  Shiny objects, electrical cords, laced in and out of furniture can be fascinating to a young pet and interesting smelling plants can spoil a great holiday season.

Remember that new puppies and kitties do not recognize electrical cords as a danger; they see something spongy and chewable.  Strings of lights can be very dangerous if they are placed too close to the bottom of a tree, where curious pets can be tangled up in them or end up pulling a nicely decorated tree down.  Glass ornaments can also be dangerous for little toes, both human and furry; walking on the broken glass can cut deep inside paw cavities.

When buying a Poinsettia or a number of other holiday plants, inquire from the nursery manager what they would recommend for a house with inquisitive pets.  Many holiday plants are very dangerous for both pets and children if digested.

All said please have a pleasant holiday during this difficult 2020 season. Moreover, we can all pray for a healthier and happier 2021. See you at the dog park.