Christmas Markets Around the World – A FREE evening Lecture - Celebration, Florida

A FREE evening Lecture offered by Celebration Lifelong Thursday, November 21, 7 p.m., Celebration Town Hall

Lecturer Victoria Hardison-Sterry will be our guide on a holiday-inspiring tour of Christmas Markets Around the World! Did you know German Christmas markets date back to the 14th Century? Originally, these gatherings were more of a way for folks to stock up on supplies for the long winter. Eventually, people realized—”hey, we’re all hanging out anyway, why not make this a party?” And boom, the Christkindlmarket was born. During the upcoming November 21 lecture, Victoria will discuss the top European cities to experience these markets and the different ways to get there. From group tour to river cruise, Victoria will discuss the travel options and the local crafts and gifts to purchase at these markets.

While European cities do a great job of celebrating, there are also some excellent Christmas markets in the United States. Victoria will discuss the top six Christmas Markets in the U.S. and what to expect to eat, drink, and experience in each location. This will be an interactive lecture guaranteed to get you in the Christmas spirit and create so much “wanderlust,” even Father Christmas would want to join you.

This Lifelong Evening Lecture is free of charge and open to the public – no reservations required.  And since you’ll be in the holiday spirit, tickets for the Celebration Foundation’s Holiday Home Tour and Winter Wonderland will be available for purchase before and after the lecture!  To learn more about Celebration Lifelong and the benefits of membership visit or call our office at 407-595-5905.


This article also appears in the November 2019 edition of the Celebration News