Dog Park Committee – Artist of the month! - Celebration, Florida

Nancy McDonald is a graduate of Brigham Young University with degrees in both Journalism and Illustration. She worked over 20 years in the creative department of advertising agencies and eventually retired after years as an ad designer for The Wall Street Journal. Nancy also creates pet-themed illustrations in her personal art studio, as well as has painted hundreds of commissioned custom pet portraits. Her work can be seen on Instagram at: “TeensyToons.” Nancy’s inspiration was modeled after former dog park committee member John Warner’s beagles, Whit & Resa. The original design had Resa on the front and Whit on the back. Since she couldn’t get to the back, she just did the front.

Have interest in becoming the next spotlight artist at the Dog Park, then contact the Parks and Recreation Department 407-566-1200 or for more information.


The above article also appears in the June 2020 edition of the Celebration News