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If you are living in Celebration and own a dog hopefully, you are familiar with our beautiful, perhaps best in class, Dog Park: Celebration Unleashed.

Here our dogs can run free, smell all the smells there are to smell, and play with their dog pals. Some dogs have favorites that they look forward to visiting with. We humans are able to chat with the friends we have made in the park, and meet new ones.  However, like any gathering place it is important to know some basic dog park etiquette.  Most of the basic points of etiquette tie directly back to rules for use of the dog park that your citizen volunteer dog park committee worked so many months to put into place. Not complying with these rules can put your dog or someone else’s dog at risk.  The rules in place are designed to help keep all dogs and patrons as safe as possible.

Basic Dog Park Do’s:

  • Make certain your vaccinations are up to date. This is in fact a requirement to have access to the park.
  • Keep your dog leashed until you have completely entered the park.
  • Train your dog to enter the park calmly.
  • Keep your dog on the appropriate dog side based on the guidelines…small dog side 35 pounds and under, and large dog side 35 pounds and up. Although small dogs may enjoy the large dog side large dogs are not allowed on the small dog side.
  • If play gets too rough, stop it.
  • If your dog poops, scoop it up. Plenty of bags are available on both sides.
  • Above all, enjoy this beautiful space!

Basic Dog Park No No’s:

  • Every responsible dog owner knows the personality of his or her dog. If your dog is aggressive please do not bring he or she to the park. The dog park is not a place to socialize an aggressive dog.
  • Please do not bring children under the age of six to the park. They are not permitted at all to be in the park even with a parent.
  • Distraction can pose a problem, whether it be with your phone or conversation. This can lead to an unsupervised dog. Constantly monitor your dog.
  • Please do not bring food for yourself or your dog into the park.

Good dog park manners will go a long way to ensure we all enjoy this wonderful space. The most important dog park rules are posted at the entrance to both parks. A full set of the rules are found on the Celebration web site and at Town Hall. Please know these rules were developed using best practices from all over the country. Dog park etiquette doesn’t just happen, but rather it must be practiced and implemented each and every time we enter the park.  Now, get out there and enjoy the dog park!