East Village and Aquila Reserve Scavenger Hunt - Celebration, Florida

Take a stroll through East Village and Aquila Reserve and see how well you know our town! In May, we featured a Scavenger Hunt for Lake Evalyn, South and West Villages. Celebration Town Hall and Celebration Foundation have teamed up once again to create a scavenger hunt for East Village and Aquila Reserve. This is a great opportunity to spend time outdoors, strolling our sidewalks or driving around to find these town landmarks.

1. An a-MAZE-ing place not to be entered at dark,
At Oakpond and Indigo you will find a ______________.
What number F.S. is found on a sign here? _____________

2. Many activities this space can yield,
Mostly used as a ____________ ______.
How many picnic tables are here? ______

3. Many parks bring fans that are loyal,
Find this one on a street named Penny ________.
What is special about the tree in this park? ______

4. A green space is at the top of the curve,
Where a ____________ greets you in Aquila Reserve.

What unique shape is on the top? _______

5. Go to where Golden Canna and Aquilla Loop meet and make a wish,
There you will find a _______________ where you can cast a reel & catch a fish.

What does the sign warn? ____________________

6. Here you will find paths that twist and turn in a park with no name,
Go to this place on Deer _______ Road and Morning Glory Lane.

How many benches and chairs do you find here? ____________

7. Along this walkway you may spot a fawn,
It runs behind the estates of _________ __________.

If you are walking from the pool to downtown, what color is the house to the right of the beginning of this walkway? ______________

8. A shortcut to the path mentioned above,
This wooden ______________ you will just love.

How many planters are at the entrance from the street? ________

9. On Towhee Court, benches you will find,
Placed in a ______________, they are one of a kind.

How many benches are here? __________

10. From the pool it is not very far,
At the playground you can play a _____________.

What oversized insect watches you play? _______ _________

Congratulations, you did it! The challenge is complete! Don’t forget to upload your selfies and tag the Celebration Foundation and Celebration Town hall and use #cfcthscavengerhunt. Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, @celebration.foundation, @celebrationtownhall, @celebrationth (Instagram and Twitter). Be on the lookout in the coming months for a scavenger hunt for each remaining village.

1. Park/810.09
2. Lacrosse Field/1
3. Royal/Encircled by a bench
4. Pagoda/Pyramid
5. Dock/Violation of FL law to feed or harass alligators
6. Woods/7 Benches & 4 Adirondack Chairs
7. East Lawn/White
8. Bridge/4
9. Circle/4
10. Guitar/Lady Bug