Fruits and veggies for your pup - Celebration, Florida

Humans are encouraged to eat their fruits and vegetables; however, which ones are safe for your dogs?

We all love to spoil our four-legged family members by sharing our people food, but it’s important to be sure these human-healthy snacks are truly safe for your dog.

Dogs digest food differently than humans, so eating the wrong foods can lead to serious health problems or even death. Dogs don’t require fruits and vegetables in their diet, but as an occasional treat, fruits and veggies are a delicious option.

Some fruits and vegetables that are safe for your dog include:

  • Apples – high in fiber and low fat, but remove seeds and core
  • Bananas – high in potassium and fiber, but also high in sugar
  • Blueberries – Rich in antioxidants and make a great frozen treat
  • Broccoli – florets are high in fiber and vitamin C, but can cause gas
  • Brussel sprouts – high in antioxidants but can cause gas
  • Cantaloupe – source of water and fiber, but also high in sugar
  • Carrots – high in fiber and good for teeth
  • Cauliflower – can help reduce inflammation, but too much may cause an upset stomach
  • Celery – heart healthy and freshens breath
  • Cranberries – in moderation or can cause upset stomach
  • Green beans – high in fiber and low in calories
  • Oranges – contains vitamin C but remove the peel and seeds
  • Peas – full of vitamins and high in fiber
  • Pineapple – contains an enzyme to help absorb proteins
  • Pumpkin – can help with constipation and diarrhea
  • Strawberries – high in fiber and can help whiten teeth, but also high in sugar
  • Sweet potato – can aid with digestion
  • Watermelon – full of vitamins and water but remove rind and seeds
  • Zucchini – contains vitamin C and magnesium


Some fruits and vegetables your dog should avoid include:

  • Asparagus – too tough to eat raw and loses nutrients when cooked
  • Avocado – contains a toxin than can cause vomiting and diarrhea
  • Cherries – contains cyanide which can affect oxygen getting to blood cells
  • Grapes (and raisins) – can lead to sudden kidney failure
  • Mushrooms – wild mushrooms in particular are toxic to dogs
  • Onions (leeks and chives) – can cause red blood cells to rupture
  • Tomatoes – stems, vines and leaves can be poisonous and unripe tomatoes may cause gastrointestinal upset

Before feeding your dog any kind of fruits or vegetables, check reputable websites for more information or speak to your vet.

While many of these options are great for your dog, remember that bringing food into the Celebration Unleashed Dog Park is not permitted, so enjoy these snacks at home with your pet.