Garden Club Pine Straw Sale - Celebration, Florida

After the heavy rains of the summer, it is time to spread a layer of mulch to prevent moisture loss from the soil by evaporation during the forthcoming dry months. Pine straw is an organic material gathered from the floor of pine woods and is an ideal mulch for our sandy soil here in Florida. Mulching reduces the demand for watering and conserves water that is applied during irrigation. It helps keep a more uniform temperature in the soil and as pine straw decays it improves soil structure and adds nutrients. Pine straw mulch should be applied in a layer about 4 inches thick, one bale of pine straw will cover an area of approximately 4 feet by 6 feet. It should be replaced or supplemented every six months. Visit to order. The on-line only SALE price is $5 per bale plus 50c shipping charge. Sale finishes October 23rd. Delivery will only be to the front of the property.

Delivery will be from Mid-October until complete, hopefully end October.

# of Bales   price            # of Bales   price
1                $5.50               10            $55.00
2                $11.00             15            $82.50
3                $16.50             20            $110.00
4                $22.00             25            $137.50
5                $27.50             30            $165.00

Proceeds of the sale are used to fund donations to local schoolchildren and charities.