Independence Day is identified with freedom - Celebration, Florida

The Celebration Foundation’s Thriving In Place Program Mission Statement:

To empower those who are aging or managing a disability to live in their own homes leading healthy, safe, independent, and productive lives.

Our members shared their story about Thriving that we would like to share with you.

We joined for mother, renewed for ourselves.  In 2016 Marian Otto, my mother, was to soon join us in FL after 80+ years living in Bloomington IL.  We wanted her to feel welcomed and have new friendships.  After reading about Thriving in the newspaper, I signed up all of us.  Don and I also participate as Thriving volunteers.  We received a warm welcome from the members and volunteers.  Marian enjoyed canasta with the ladies, lunches, variety of crafts and various activities.  We have artwork on the wall to prove it.  Marian will be the first one to tell you that Thriving would be the first one here should she ever need assistance.  We have enjoyed teas, coffee/sweets, entertained by Elvis, the Magic of David Harris, decorated gingerbread soldiers and lively conversations at our gatherings.  For the nominal membership fee, the special moments, memories, fun and laughter are priceless.  We felt we were right where we should be, welcomed and at home.”  – Don & Kathy Gordy

Close to 100 members, this program has looked a little different during this time. It has become filled with stories through personal phone calls, email pen pals and staying connected in creative ways while we are staying apart.

Zooming through the week begins every Monday with Chair Yoga via Zoom by Donna Mogilski. Then Tuesday, a surprise treat is sponsored by an individual, corporation or business that is delivered by the Foundation volunTEAM with a doormat, contactless delivery system. Wednesday logging onto Zoom for another yoga class with Donna. Our Friday Thriving lunch is held at each of our members homes, at their tables, with donor sponsored lunches. Again, delivered by our volunTEAM to each Thriving members’ doormat. The Foundation uses local eateries to keep the their revenue thriving during this time as well.

Playing BINGO together while staying apart has been keeping everyone on the edge of their own chair with Facebook posts showing baskets for the winners created by a Celebration resident and Foundation supporter, Sandi Kensil. Zoom Bingo and Zoom Trivia will begin on our monthly virtual calendar of events.

If you would like to become a member of Thriving or sponsor a lunch; contact Jill Couch, Thriving Program Manager at 407-566-1234.


This article also appears in the July edition of the Celebration News