K’noot with “Church Dog & the Big Bad Bug” - Celebration, Florida

Celebration’s illustrious pup, the Church Dog, was on hand at the 2021 Pups & Pints event at Lakeside Park for the release of “Church Dog & the Big Bad Bug” – the second book in the Church Dog Adventure Series. Children and families waited in line to get an autographed copy from local author Tracy Mattes and meet the real Church Dog. K’noot and furry members of his extended Celebration family were present making everyone smile.

“We were proud to release the book at Pups & Pints,” said Mattes. “It was a fantastic event, and it was great to see so many dog lovers come out and join in the fun!
Church Dog & the Big Bad Bug is about a virus and teaches children a lesson in faith over fear.

“This book is truly relevant right now. Our Church Dog team really wanted a story for children dealing with anxiety about the pandemic,” Mattes explained. “This is a cute, fun book that help kids understand that God is bigger than any bug, virus or pandemic and He is always looking out for them.”

“The Church Dog,” inspired by a real dog, K’noot, from Celebration who goes to church at Community Presbyterian Church, is gaining popularity nationwide. The children’s book series has recently been picked up by major retailers including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and Walmart, and is being added to libraries and schools around the country. Each story in the series uses biblical foundations to teach moral lessons about real life issues that children face. The books are perfect for igniting conversations around subjects like bullying, grief, forgiveness, fear, and fighting temptation. Equally important is stressing the power of being kind, compassionate giving, standing up for one another and having self-esteem.
Pastor William Lewis, senior Pastor at Community Presbyterian Church and spiritual director of the Church Dog series says, “we are trying to get into kid’s heads that if they lean on God, he will show up for them and bless them, protect them, guide them and provide for them. We want this next generation to understand how much God loves them.”

The third book in the series, “Church Dog & the Invisible Man” is scheduled to be released around Memorial Day. Pick up a copy of the Church Dog books today at https://www.churchdog.org/shop