Main Village Scavenger Hunt - Celebration, Florida

Take a socially distanced stroll through Main Village and see how well you know our town. Let’s put our heads together while we remain apart yet have some fun! Celebration Town Hall & Celebration Foundation chimed in together to make a scavenger hunt. Great opportunity to spend time outdoors, strolling our sidewalks, biking or driving around to find these town landmarks.

1. Since 1996, this vintage vehicle has been illegally parked and yet never received a parking ticket. Where am I?
2. What structure has 52 sticks raising the roof for the building with red bricks?
3. Around and around and up you can go. I have more than 100 steps. Where am I located?
4. In many main village spots, you will hear this bell ring each hour on the dot.
5. This Florida college’s colors are garnet and gold, it has a mascot by the name of which this building holds.
6. Here is the spot where coordinates lie, in the shape of a compass it will be your guide.
7. You should always look up when walking, but now be sure to look down, for here lies the names of the founding residents of this town.
8. Three fixtures in town where time stands still.
9. When walking around town there are many creatures to be found. This one may look real but surely you will need to do a double take. What creature am I and where do I reside?
10. This mural you may pass by every day and if you stop to read, it may make you plan trips far, far away.
11. It’s time to renew your residence pass, where would you go to complete this task?
12. This town was planned by Disney. There is a structure with “Not-So- Hidden Mickeys” that you can view from the sidewalk where you stand. Where am I?
13. This life-sized bike you cannot ride, but in the bushes it does try to hide. Where am I?
14. On a cloudy day, you will not find the answer you seek. Wait for the sun and see another way to know the time of day. Where am I?
15. Our town has a few but find just one. Head to this beautiful structure on a street of brass, take a seat and hide from the sun.

BONUS: a picture of a parked 6-seater NEV.

Congrats, you did it! The challenge is complete! Don’t forget to upload your selfies and tag #cfcthscavengerhunt. Remember to follow Town Hall and the Celebration Foundation on Facebook and Instagram,, @celebrationtownhall @celebrationth (Instagram and Twitter).

1. Celebration Golf Club Vintage Car
2. Old Town Hall (690 Celebration Avenue)
3. Observation tower at Bank of America building
4. Community Presbyterian Church
5. Seminole Building (610 Sycamore Street)
6. Downtown Fountain
7. Paver bricks in Founders Park
8. One stands alone in front of Bank of America. One is attached to building on Market Street. One is on building overlooking Market Street.
9. The decoy duck in Lake Rianhard.
10. Mural on wall of Starbucks.
11. 851 Building (851 Celebration Boulevard)
12. Yellow house with white trim 504 Celebration Avenue.
13. Bohemian Hotel Bicycle.
14. Sundial at Hippodrome Park.
15. Gazebo on Trumpet Street.

This also appears in the September 2020 edition of the Celebration News