Miniature gardens, big results

Another holiday season is behind us and we look forward to losing a few of those pounds we always seem to gain during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Getting outside and doing gardening work is a way some of us go about doing that.  This time of the year, we can check our irrigation systems.  Put out a number of cans in your yard and water your lawn until you have about ¾” in the can. Water ¾” twice a week and your lawn will thrive. Overwatering can give you shallow roots. Growing longer roots will allow your lawn to be healthier in the summer when the heat can cause stress on short rooted lawns.

This is a good time to start tomatoes and peppers too.  Tomatoes won’t set fruit when temperatures get over 80 degrees. The plants will bloom but not set fruit unless you have cherry or small pear tomatoes. Here in Florida you can plant in January and September to get tomatoes in April/May and again in November/December.

The Garden Club presentation at this months meeting, on January 20, 9 a.m., will be featuring Florida Master Gardener Bill Silberman.  He will be discussing and showing how to make miniature gardens.  Miniature gardens are a great way to be involved with gardening even if you live in a townhouse or condominium. Very little in the way of tools or space is needed for them and they can be placed on a porch, patio or even kept inside your home. They are created in pots where you put together a themed planting with six of seven plants and have them create a feeling. Fairy gardens are a type of miniature gardens and are very popular right now. If you are interested in joining Celebration Garden Club please contact Brad at

One of the reasons many of us love living in Celebration is the landscaping around many of the homes. The combination of multilayer shrubs and flowers can create stunning visuals.  We are planning to feature one or two of these homes each month in our article. If you have suggestion on a home in your area that could be recognized, please let us know at the email address at the end of the article.  Here is this month’s featured home. It is located in Artisan Park. So many houses looked good at the holidays.  Many homes had poinsettias planted in the ground in large groupings. Fabulous.


By Brad Wagoner