Celebration Avenue Conceptual Modification Study

Oct 3, 2019

If you are not already aware, Osceola County would like to let you know about the Celebration Avenue Conceptual Modification Study being conducted. Study documents and an electronic comment form are available HERE. This study is an analysis of Celebration Avenue being done to determine typical sections that could be implemented from Waterside Drive to US 192.  . There are NO current plans or funding to move forward with implementation of recommendations. The open house meeting that took place on Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 was set up by county staff as a routine meeting to get feedback on the study recommendations and was not to make any immediate changes. Given the extraordinary interest in this project, large amount of input received, and to allow the Celebration community more time to review details of the study, the comment period is being extended through December 31, 2019. Comments should be submitted through the electronic comment form available HERE.

The Celebration Avenue Conceptual Modification Study includes a previous phase that focused on the downtown section from Campus Street to Arbor Circle, included coordination with representatives of the Celebration community and with County Staff, and is including a public comment period through December 31, 2019.

The recommended changes generally consist of reducing vehicle lane widths, reducing parking lane widths, and removing buffer spaces to make room for continuous bike lanes. No changes are recommended to the existing curb locations or types.  Stamped concrete or other special pavement types are recommended at several intersections approaching the downtown area. Pedestrian crosswalks throughout the corridor are also recommended to be modified for improved pedestrian safety. Celebration Avenue was resurfaced from Waterside Drive to Golfpark Drive in the year 2016, and any changes to the lane usage would require milling and resurfacing.

The goals and constraints for the project include improving bicycle safety, improving pedestrian safety, reducing vehicular speeds, maintaining turning radius for trucks, preserving or increasing parking spaces, and only considering changes within the curb-to-curb existing space.

After the public comment period (through December 31, 2019) and study completion, if the recommendations are to be implemented, the next steps for this project would include identifying a funding source, design, and construction.  The design phase should also include coordination with the community as well as the Transportation & Transit, Public Works, and Road & Bridge Departments to determine the appropriate pavement treatment at intersections as well as the approach for any final implementation of the roadway modification recommendations. For a more streamlined public involvement and comment process, any further comments should be submitted through the electronic comment form available HERE, and they will be evaluated and incorporated into the comment summary, which will be included in the final report.