Reserve Park at North Village Arbor Maintenance

Sep 8, 2023

On Monday, September 11, 2023, we will begin arbor maintenance at Reserve Park in North Village. This work was recommended by an arborist and approved by the CROA Board.

There are around 40 trees in this park. The canopy of the trees needs to be raised to 14 feet and pruning of overcrowding and cross-branching within the tree. This is being done for the overall and long-term health of the trees by increasing air circulation and sunlight penetration to both the tree and the plant material below. In addition to pruning our healthy trees, we are also removing two dead pine trees and five dead sabal palms. Stump grinding will follow within a couple of weeks.

The Saw Palmettos will be thinned out to remove dead fronds and increase visibility for safety and security. This work on the Saw Palmettos was recommended by law enforcement as the current overgrowth is a high safety concern, especially given the location of the park.

We fully understand it can be disheartening to see tree limbs cut back or trees fully removed but this work is being done to ensure the trees recover and grow healthy or fill in an area where a tree was removed without the unhealthy overcrowding.