Recycling in Celebration and the role CSS plays

Although National Recycling Week occurs in November, April is home to Earth Day and provides a great introduction or perhaps re-introduction to the recycling efforts in Celebration.

Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products. Recycling can benefit your community and the environment. Some of the benefits of recycling include reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators, conserving natural resources such as timber, water and minerals, increasing economic security by tapping a domestic source of materials and preventing pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials.

Did you know that recycling one aluminum can, can equal powering a 19” television for three hours? In addition, did you know that in the 12 years that Celebration Sanitation Services (CSS) has served the community, over 8,736,000 lbs. have been recycled?

While most residents know CSS and the important role they play in Celebration, there may be those who are not aware of the integral role they play.

In 2006, the CROA Board embarked on a mission to fix an issue in the community regarding trash, recycling and yard waste. Tired of poor service from companies that did not have the community’s best interest at heart, a committee explored all possible options, including the establishment of a community based company solely dedicated to the residents.

In July 2006, Celebration Sanitation Services (CSS) was created. Ken and Tammy Lee instituted many of the programs that corrected the problems and are still in place today.

However, in just over a year, the recycling industry took a turn for the worse that continues today. Trash contamination in the recycling stream is the number one culprit in the massive changes happening in the industry today. With China and other Asian markets no longer accepting recycling commodities from the U.S. in large quantities, the price of collection, transportation and processing has increased over 600%. In 2014, CCS paid $7.50 a ton to recycle materials. That fee jumped to $42 per ton in October 2017 and as of April of this year, that fee rises again to $47.50. A ton of recycling materials now cost more than a ton of garbage.

CSS representatives would like everyone to realize that not all recycling materials are crated the same. The materials are classified into three categories; commercial, residential and scrap metal. When you leave your container at the curb, you should be disposing of residential materials (see accompanying tips). Remember, recycling day is Wednesday in the community and that includes yard waste.

On average, five-six tons of recycling is picked up in Celebration on a weekly basis. From here, the materials are taken to Recycle America (Waste Management facility) where it is dumped, before its final stop at a facility on Okeechobee where it is separated.

Education is key for residents to understand what should and should not go into their containers and ignorance is not an excuse, as CSS will tag containers that contain inappropriate materials. It is the goal of companies like CSS and community’s such as Celebration that recycling smart and efficiently will aid in tackling some of the issues of today.


Nine tips to make it go smoothly:

Food Beverage Carton, Milk cartons and such.

Plain Sheet Paper, No books , paper towels or tissues of any kind.

Newsprint, Remove plastic bag that might have held it.

Cardboard, All boxes must be broken down and placed inside another box, or tied together with twain.

Aluminum & Tin Cans, Remove sharp lids and discard.

Glass Bottles & Jars, Lids are okay, but remove small screw on caps.

Magazines, Remove any packaging.

Plastic Containers & Bottles, Only items carrying one of the 2 following markings are accepted. Remove screw on caps.