Remember our military during the holidays - Celebration, Florida

We are now in December, the time when the thoughts of home, friends and family come to mind.

The military personnel’s thoughts, stationed in many corners of the world, drift homeward with remembrances of past holidays, happier times when surrounded by loved ones and the smells of holiday foods. The excitement of unwrapping gifts, the peal of laughter and joy when a longed-for item is unwrapped. The warmth of the hugs, kisses and thanks. Street scenes are vivid and alive in the imagination, so real that the veteran can hear the chatter and well wishes of people on the street.

Remembered are the New Year Parties and the wishes for a healthy and happy year ahead.

For many personnel stationed in foreign countries miles from home, these are only memories. As you look around, the reality could be a barracks or a ship hundreds of miles out to sea surrounded by others having the same thoughts and wishing they were home. In a foreign country in a combat zone, surrounded by others hoping to stay alive to see another year.

Remember these people as you enjoy the holidays. Think about them and hope for their safe return. Veterans no longer serving on active duty will remember and be with them in spirit.