Remembering Juan Sosa - Celebration, Florida

The genesis of our Celebration community was founded on the ideals that a diverse, cohesive society had the capacity to collaborate to develop a true sense of community.
Juan Sosa, head custodian of the PreK-8 school nestled in the heart of Celebration, embodied and exhibited those ideals. Juan Sosa passed away on August 30 after a long battle with complications due to COVID-19.

As a beloved patriarch of his family, he is survived by his wife, Luz Sosa and daughter Jasmin. The K8 faculty and staff and Pride alumni are mourning the loss of a man whose love for the Celebration K8 students and community was exuded in his daily behavior. His heart overflowed for his faith, family, community and his love for the Red Sox and the New England patriots. A native of Guatemala and former resident of Rhode Island, he joined Celebration K8 in 2006 and was promoted to head custodian in 2015. His passion and love for life coupled with his loyalty to his job as head custodian made him a treasured staple among the faculty and staff.

Juan consistently supported student athletes. He traveled all over Osceola County to celebrate the triumphs of championship wins and comforted students in the most bitter losses. Juan was reliable, often arriving well before he was obligated to arrive and stayed beyond the time he was scheduled to leave. Juan worked for a number of different administrators of the K8 with the consensus that his commitment to Celebration K8 and the Celebration community surpassed all expectations.

Juan always had a playlist ready in the cafeteria when students earned a reward. Juan always stood during football, basketball, and soccer games and was often confused for the assistant coach. Juan always had a compliment with each good morning. And in all this he sought nothing in return. This is why he was nicknamed “Juan in a Million”. His allegiance to creating an atmosphere that shared his intense appreciation for the sense of community was infectious. The loss of his life resonated throughout the school and the pain echoed from current students, to CHS Storm alumni, to Pride alumni enrolled at universities around the country.

As we grapple with the loss of an adored friend and co-worker, we are exploring ideas of how to commemorate his contribution to Celebration K8. In the meantime, we will honor his life by appreciating our surroundings, appreciating the unique sense of community, by passionately celebrating the triumphs of others, and by consoling the bitter battles we do not win. We honor him by trying to #bejuaninamillion.