birds - Celebration, Florida

November 27, 2019

Wild turkeys in Celebration

It is a fairly common experience to bump into wild turkeys almost anywhere in Celebration during the fall and early winter months. They are often seen in pursuit of their favorite food, acorns. The abundant live oaks drop their acorns by the hundreds as they ripen.  Sidewalks and lawns can be covered with them, providing

September 23, 2019

The wading birds of Celebration – EGRETS

Each fall the white egrets return to our ponds to pass the winter.  After spending the summer breeding in rookeries in remote swamps and marshes along the coastlines of  Northern Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, a few travel as family groups to our retention and natural ponds. Some stay for the winter, others continue on

August 27, 2019

Limpkins in Celebration

By Chet Blazak    The Limpkin is the champion of Florida birds for its ability to adapt to a changing environment.  It is a wading bird with striking chocolate brown plumage with pronounced white spotting on its back making it unmistakable. Limpkins are traditionally a food specialist, only eating apple snails. Over the last century due to