New View

November 25, 2019

Your holiday survival guide

With the arrival of the holiday season also comes opportunities to spend time with family, many of whom we only see rarely.  The anticipation of being with those we love is often laced with a mixture of optimistic excitement and some degree of quiet dread. Let’s face it, we all grow and change. When we

October 10, 2019

New View – The value of priceless stuff

For the past several months I have been cleaning out our house. It has been an epic cleanse, not so much with buckets and mops but rather large bags and boxes, with the Red Cross and For Sale Facebook pages seeing the fruits of my labor. I believe the house is literally a foot higher

September 27, 2019

Breathe, Relax, Play . . . Repeat

Another school year underway promises the escalation of a growing mental health challenge: anxiety. We all feel it. Kids juggling schoolwork, social pressures and expectations; parents trying to balance work, flawless parenting and home management; and those of us out of the child/parent daily dance who must manage the stressors of career, finances, friends, family,

Slay the homework monster

By Eileen Crawford, MS, LMHC   The arrival of August creates unique challenges for Celebration families this year. Not only are we facing the annual treks to Walmart and Target to check off school supply lists and update the uniform supply, but also K-8 parents must adjust to a noticeable schedule change. This year school