Thriving In Place - Celebration, Florida

Thriving In Place is one of Celebration Foundation’s programs that is dedicated to people that are 55+ or disabled of any age, living in their own homes.  The Celebration Foundation strives to provide our members with safe, independent, and enriching lives. Today, members of the Thriving In Place program are able to virtually interact with each other and participate in online activities to stay connected as a community. With the current circumstances in our world, community connection is more important than ever. That is why Thriving in Place manager, Jill Couch and Volunteer Coordinator, Becky Varley have adapted the social interaction of previously scheduled in-person events to a virtual calendar of events.

Thriving members participate in weekly Bingo games where the winning numbers are revealed on the Celebration Foundation Facebook page and via daily email. It is a friendly, spirited competition as with most Bingo games; there are prizes to win! Supporters and volunteers for Thriving In Place program have donated gift baskets to the Celebration Foundation to be distributed to the lucky Bingo winners.

Got Yoga? The Thriving In Place virtual calendar does yoga three days a week. Our members can Zoom into a healthier lifestyle with yoga instructor, Donna Mogilski. These classes take place to increase flexibility, muscle strengthening, and practice meditative techniques. This allows the members to keep active in the safety and comfort of their home. The virtual Zoom yoga is included in your Thriving In Place membership fee.

Our Thriving members receive a “surprise” Tuesday treat via our doormat, contact-less delivery system by Celebration Foundation volunteers each week. Then every Friday, Thriving In Place members receive a lunch the same way.

The Celebration Foundation is grateful for the sponsors, members and volunteers for their donations which enable these virtual events to happen every week for participating members. The program has also continued to provide delivery service of groceries and prescriptions plus volunteer driver services to local medical appointments for our members.

How can you or a family member join the Thriving In Place Program?

  • Contact Program Manager, Jill Couch at 407-566-1234
  • Annual Membership is only $1 per day for individuals
  • Household membership available

How can you get involved with the Thriving In Place program?

  • Contact Volunteer Coordinator, Becky Varley at 407-566-1234
  • Sponsor a virtual lunch for Thriving members
  • Sponsor a virtual Tuesday treat
  • Become a volunteer for program
  • Visit our website
  • “Like” our Facebook page
  • Follow our Instagram @celebrationfoundation


The above article appears in he August 2020 edition of the Celebration News