Training your dog to walk on a leash

Sep 22, 2022

When getting a new furry companion, training is always top of mind. However, there is more than just teaching your dog how to sit and stay. Teaching your dog early on, whether puppy or adult, how to walk properly on a leash with you is essential for a pleasant stroll around the block.

First, allow your dog to get to know the harness or collar they will be using. Perhaps let them walk around the house with it on and practice many times putting it on and off, rewarding appropriately. Once your dog is accustomed to its harness/collar, practice small walks in your backyard, or near your house before going out into public.

Once you think your dog is ready to take its first long stroll, make sure to bring some treats so you can cue train your dog. If you notice your dog is about to lunge towards a squirrel, make a sound cue (most people prefer a clicker) and reward your pet for following you away from the distraction. If your dog pulls, you can also turn around and go in the opposite direction. Similar to using Circle 8 training. They need to put their priorities on you. In addition, front leaders and head halters can also be good training tools for pullers.

As a reminder, all residents must wear a mask when using the dog park, as required per an ordinance by Osceola County. Also, all new puppies should be properly vaccinated per dog park guidelines before registering/entering the park. Owners must provide the following: proof of current rabies vaccine, DHPPV or DHPP (Distemper) and fecal test. For questions, please call Town Hall at 407-566-1200.