Veterans Club marching along - Celebration, Florida

We are now in August, one of Florida’s hotter months. However, members of the Veteran Club of Celebration Inc. have been keeping busy. We marched in the Fourth of July parade. There was a good turnout. NEVs were available for members that preferred not to march. Many of the veterans had marched through Europe, Korea, Vietnam and other countries-serving America and the world, keeping freedom alive.

Members enjoy happy hour while having a bite to eat and their favorite beverage. You can bring a friend or someone interested in joining. Our ranks have increased over the last two months and we hope that more veterans will join us. All honorably discharged veterans are eligible. Living in Celebration is not a requirement.

The Veterans Club, along with the Auxiliary, are planning for a busy fall. Coming up in September is the Pig Roast. The Celebration High School JRAFROTC join with many questions for the veterans. They are happy to give the cadets the benefit of their experiences. Of course, the food is terrific, prepared by the Auxiliary and the Roastmasters.

Also on the list is the porch & yard sale, which benefits the charities that the clubs support.

November is when we hold our holiday party, a time to enjoy a great meal with music and dancing.

The holiday is honored by collecting articles for the veterans in the hospital, homeless vets, Fisher House and any others that we can help.

If interested in joining The Veterans Club of Celebration Inc., contact us at or 845-551-2213.