Veteran’s Day

November is the start of the holiday season with the ending of Daylight Saving Time on the first, Veterans day on the 11th and Thanksgiving Day on the 26th. Right after that, Christmas shopping begins.

Members of the VCC (Veterans Club of Celebration) remember when these happy times were times of sadness, loneliness, and homesickness. Stationed thousands of miles from home, missing family and friends, trying to stay alive for another day, on patrol, or standing guard, protecting sleeping personnel. The Military is always on guard against a sneak attack. They guard the skies, borders and seas to protect against such an attempt. This protection is maintained 24 hours every day.

While you are enjoying the holidays and all the joy and fun, give a thought to the troops missing the joyous times.

Give a thought to the people without a place to sleep or a hot meal and the sacrifices they made. In addition, think about the personnel lying in the VA hospitals, many not having seen friends or family in a while and find out what you may do to give them a little joy for the holiday season.