Chorus to present “The Spirit of Freedom” - Celebration, Florida

Often when writing these articles, I look to the internet for inspiration – to get my creative juices flowing, so to speak.  So I Googled “The Spirit of Freedomand this is what popped up –  an Australian luxury “Livaboard Dive” vessel, an Irish folk music album by Christy Moore, the Idaho Veterans Service Award, a 1975 TV series, interesting to say the least, but no help.  I guess I was expecting to see a pithy definition as proclaimed by some great statesman or philosopher but what I got was confirmation that “The Spirit of Freedom” can mean many things, depending on who you ask.

So let’s ask the Celebration Community Chorus.  As one might expect, the answer will be shared through the imagery of music and will be revealed during their annual Independence Day concert.  The program will include a variety of songs which, when woven together, will create a tapestry of notes and lyrics bringing the spirit of freedom to life.

Some selections will speak to the breadth of our homeland, it’s beauty and vastness from sea to shining sea – the spirit of freedom swirling within your mind as you visualize the awesomeness of our country’s landscape.  Others will recount our good fortune, giving thanks that we live in a country without tyranny, a concept that still too many can only dream about – the spirit of freedom living within our souls.  And then there will be those melodies whose lyrics solemnly remind us that freedom is not free., it comes with a price – the spirit of freedom and gratitude beating within our hearts in sync with those brave individuals who have fought to protect us and our American way of life.

“The Spirit of Freedom” can mean many things.  Join Conductor Kristopher Schave and The Celebration Community Chorus as they once again perform a musical tribute to this great Nation.  Let the patriotic strains resonate within you.  Rediscover your “Spirit of Freedom.” Then you, too, will have the answer.



Wednesday, July 3, 2019  – 7 p.m.

The Celebration Community Chorus Presents…

The Spirit of Freedom

Community Presbyterian Church

511 Celebration Avenue

Admission is FREE!!