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The Board of Directors, Celebration Residential Owners Association, Inc. annually appoints members and/or permanent residents to its committees. The purpose and the board-established annual goals of each committee are different. Each committee/task force is formed and operates in compliance with the Board-adopted Committee & Task Force Charter. Serving on a committee enables one to provide valuable feedback to the board through the committee’s recommendations, to learn more about the operation and management of the community, and to become involved without making a long-term commitment.

To indicate your interest in becoming a committee member, please complete a Committee Member Volunteer Form and submit it to our office.

Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) reviews applications from Celebration property owners requesting to add, change, or remove elements of their property.

Covenants Committee

The Covenants Committee’s responsibility is to meet to review alleged violations that have not been corrected and to give the individuals charged with the violation the right to be heard.

Dog Park Committee

The Dog Park Committee serves as an advisory committee regarding the Celebration Unleashed Dog Park. The committee will recommend rules and policy for the amenity, in addition to future fund raising campaigns.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee serves as an advisory committee regarding the financial management affairs of  the Association.

Lifestyle and Special Events Committee

The Lifestyle and Special Events Committee serves as an advisory committee regarding annual and special events for the residents of the community.

Recreation Committee

The Recreation Committee serves as an advisory committee regarding the implementation of the Recreation Program Plan, and enhancing offerings in the community.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee works to enhance the Technology Cornerstone by looking at the current technology and recommending future technology efforts that can benefit the community to the Board of Directors.