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The Community Standards Department now has a set of landscape templates to assist residents in designing a landscape plan to be included with an ARC application. These templates are only to be used as a guide. ARC applications are still required to be submitted for exterior changes to your home. Different properties require different types of landscape materials based on sunlight, soil, etc. Templates are also design-specific based on the style of your home.

If you would like to speak to a Community Standards representative for further assistance, please call Town Hall at 407-566-1200.

Completed ARC applications may be dropped off in person at Town Hall (851 Celebration Avenue) or sent via email to

ARC applications will be reviewed by the committee members online. Scheduled Architectural Review Committee meetings occur once a month. The agenda will include review of applications for structural changes and any applications the ARC feels needs further discussion. You can find the monthly meeting dates by clicking HERE.

Approved Guidelines