This is MY Celebration - Celebration, Florida

One of the many effects of the pandemic has been the travel restrictions that are currently in place. Trevor Fielding and his wife have owned a condominium in Artisan Park for the past 12 years, however as residents of the United Kingdom, they have been unable to enjoy all that Celebration has to offer this year and that includes their grandson Ben, who took the opportunity to pen a blog about Celebration for this school.

Everyone has a story as to why that decided to call the community home or what makes it so special, so, here is another, this time from Ben Fielding:

Travel Blog – Celebration, Florida

When people hear the word celebration, they think of birthdays, weddings and parties. Not me, when I hear the word Celebration I think of Orlando, Florida.

It is rare for a twelve-year-old boy from Oldham, England to have been to Florida 11 times in his whole life. Now that is I and I’m pretty lucky, don’t you think? It’s not my fault though!!!.
My grandparents have a place in Celebration and they bought it the year I was born.

Now you see the thing about Celebration is that it is very different to anywhere else in Orlando. It was designed by Walt Disney and his architect friends. They based the whole of Celebration on the ‘perfect town’ It’s quite like being on a movie set with an old fashioned cinema and an ice cream parlour perfectly situated together.

And it’s full of nature, There are lakes everywhere with boardwalks, paths and forests linking one small neighbourhood to another. I’ve seen alligators, turtles, wild deer, possums, racoons and not to mention the ubiquitous lizards.

Christmas and Halloween are unforgettable in Celebration. We know how ‘over the top’ Americans can go and in Celebration it’s even better. There’s a snow machine at Christmas, the houses are lit up like Blackpool illuminations and there are Christmas songs playing in the streets. At Halloween, people dress up and walk the streets just like the famous scene in ET.

We love it, it’s such good fun!!!

There’s a range of restaurants and eateries from Antonio’s the Italian restaurant to the Town Tavern which sells gigantic portions – you should see the onion rings!!! There is always something to do and somewhere to go and it’s really not too expensive.

So, if you are thinking of going to Orlando and fancy going somewhere off the beaten track and seeing something different then I strongly recommend that you visit Celebration.

You won’t be disappointed.

– Ben Fielding